Maintaining your health whilst being in control of your weight!

Whether your goal is weight loss, weight gain or simply weight management we have a programme that is right for you.

Why Herbalife ISN’T a diet product

Do not mistake Herbalife for a diet product – the important thing to remember about Herbalife is that it’s a nutrition product. Herbalife can be specifically adjusted to suit your personal needs and goals. Whether that is weight loss, waiting to gain weight or even if its just maintaining your weight and wanting a healthy breakfast – Herbalife has a product to suit you!

Seems to good to be true or you don’t think Herbalife works?

Then check out my before and after pictures and see for yourself!


After having my son in 2009, I wanted to get back into fitness, especially triathlon, which I loved! However after some accidents meaning I could not train, plus to top it off, surgery in 2012 meant I had become the largest I had ever been. Food was my friend and so was wine.

Come August 2013, I’d had ENOUGH!! I tried pretty much all other plans, diets, healthy eating regimes, you name it – I tried it but to no avail, so a friend suggested I try Herbalife….now I didn’t want to as I had tried it many years ago and didn’t have the greatest thing to say about it….but I gave it a second chance and here is what it did for me!!!

I went from a large, tight size 16, being bloated, having no energy, was overweight and generally really miserable to a small size 12, shedding well over 2 stone in the process, losing over 20% BODY FAT, my muscle mass increased by over a stone, I have more energy and even my Metabolic age went down from AGE 50 to AGE 33!!!

So, want to see what it can do for you?

Then give me a call and book in to get your 3 day trial which includes a FREE Wellness Evaluation. This is where we go through your goals, talk about the products by doing a full consultation and then together, we help you decide which products are best suited for you!

Also, why not check out our amazing SKIN range as the outer nutrition is just as amazing as the inner nutrition, as my pictures show after just 6 weeks!

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